Nature Skincare Cosmetic

After a long period of research, 
DEARBOO products made of recipes that 
are not as irritating to the skin and natural materials 
can be easily used by anyone.
Our factory and partners, 
whose products are not only readily available to anyone 
but also are certified for both cleanliness and technology and will always, 
be based on the trust of our customers.

Design Philosophy             

F r o m   B   L A B                                                             

The design philosophy of From B LAB is “Birth”.                           
The word of birth means birth, beginning, emergence, etc.                          
The essence of our design is focused on expressing individuality through fusion,                           
and in a word, to create a new birth.                          
Our goal is to create a new type of design with                           
an overflowing individuality to express youth as young as teenagers to                           
twenties at the main customer base.                          

Visual stimulation through color is very fast compared to recognizing shapes.                          

From B LAB wanted to represent our identity through color expression,                           
including expression using color scheme and color fusion expression system using natural gradations,                           
and the idea to launch a new style mask pack in search of the most efficient combination of the two concepts                           
components was finally realized and it was born as a DEARBOO EVERYDAY MASK Series.                          
Our effort to add Visual Art to these high-end products will not stop until the day products become work.                          

DEARBOO Collagen Ceramide Serum

Serum absorbs quickly into the skin with moist feeling, maintains moisture for a long time without sticky of heavy,
and fills the skin with moisture and nutrients to provide glossy skin texture.